DRAMTIME: Weller 12

£6.00 Per Ticket

Winner is: Just A Malt Is Enough

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About This Competition

“A $20 Buffalo Trace Bourbon Available Everywhere Is Now $250, and Nowhere to Be Found. What Happened?” 

The rise of Weller 12, from shelf sleeper to baby Pappy to unobtanium is indicative of the ridiculously insane demand for Bourbon at present. Miraculously, the UK market actually has greater access to core range bourbon than in the USA. So whilst people are not quite paying the equivalent of $250 for a Weller 12, you’d be hard pressed to secure a bottle for less than £150.

The Weller line of whiskeys is named for William Larue Weller, a whiskey salesman in the late 1800s who had a hand in the famed Stitzel-Weller distillery. Stitzel-Weller closed in 1992, and Buffalo Trace bought the Weller name in 1999. They introduced Weller 12 in 2001, and it was eventually joined by a number of other Wellers, including Antique 107, Special Reserve, CYPB (Create Your Perfect Bourbon) and Full Proof as Buffalo Trace’s premiere wheaters.

DRAMTIME : Never tried a Weller before? You’re in luck! Purchase a minimum of 3 tickets to receive a complimentary dram of Weller Antique 107.


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