GlenAllachie 25

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About This Competition

You asked for it, so here it is. Winner of our monthly members’ poll – Presenting the GlenAllachie 25 yr old !

Once upon a time on a sunny July afternoon , there was a rumour. One influencer had made his way to the valley of the rocks and having spent a few hours  touring the grounds, had managed to chat up an overzealous employee who let him in on a secret. The distillery simply did not have enough aged stock to sustain an annual release of their new 30 year old. The higher ups had therefore decided to sacrifice the 25 yr old to ensure adequate stock for future editions of the 30. It didn’t take long for this precious intel to filter down to the sharks and every retailer had their previously languishing bottles of the 25 snapped up within that very evening.  Word of this made it back to the distillery who obviously denied any such plans.

Only time shall tell whether this ‘rumour’ was ever true, but it is worth noting that no ‘new’ bottles of the 25 have made it onto any retailers shelves for at least 2 release cycles. Only available at auction these days, you’re looking at shelling out around 4 big notes for a bottle.

There are 15 early bird bonus tickets up for grabs. Simply add a minimum of 2 GA25 tickets to your cart & use code RUMOUR25 at checkout.

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