LEVELLER: Port Ellen 40 yr old mini

£17.00 Per Ticket

Winner is: s_avann

Ticket number: 7

Precious win for a true connoiseur

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About This Competition

Welcome to THE LEVELLER. A special competition where everyone entering has an EQUAL chance of winning the prize. There’s only 15 tickets available and you can ONLY purchase 1 ticket. Gone are the days when buying more tickets equals a higher probability of winning. Now, everyone has the same 1 in 15 chance of winning! No statistical shenannigans here – Who wins is well & truly decided by Lady Luck!

Our CRAZIEST competition yet! This one is for pure bragging rights. If you haven’t heard of the infamous Port Ellen distillery, go Wikipedia it right now. Juice from this silent distillery is always in crazy demand, but clearly there’s very little of it left. Most of us have no chance in hell of owning a bottle & not many folk can afford to purchase a tasting sample. Well, this is your chance to (technically) add some Port Ellen to your collection.

This 3 cl sample is from the  Douglas Laing XOP Black Series bottle. Distilled all the way back in 1979 and left to age in a single refill butt for 40 years. This legendary Islay whisky was bottled in January 2020, with just 299 bottles produced.  Retail Price for the bottle was over £3200 !!! Its worth even more now.

This is the very epitome of big things coming in small packages. Don’t miss out!

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