TBWC Mystery Bourbon

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About This Competition

Our latest competition ticks off a series of first’s for Malt & Cane – our first bourbon, our first 24 year old whisk(e)y & our first mystery bottle!

Many hypotheses’ have been posed regarding its provenance, yet one may never know where this delicious juice came from. Bottled at 96 proof (48% ABV) the only clues we have as to the source are contained in the cryptic label. Have a look for yourselves …..there’s dead crows, crop circles, a sasquatch, aliens .& more….

Whilst that debate continues, there’s very little uncertainty about just how magnificent this bourbon is. It’s spicy, vibrant, complex & nowhere near the woody oak beams that many other 20+ year old bourbons end up tasting like.  Check out some of these reviews if you don’t believe me – great, awesome, A+

And if you really need an added incentive to enter – this competition will have 2 extra lucky hat winners ! Whoop!

As always, the first 10 entrants will receive 1 free bonus ticket. Bonus tickets codes shall be emailed to all qualifying entrants before the closing date. So keep an eye on your inbox & be sure to whitelist our emails by moving them out of your spam/promo folders.

* You must be aged over 18 to enter this competition. Under-age entrants will be removed from the competition and will not be reimbursed. Please note – this will include ID checks at delivery.
* All entrants must be U.K residents (excluding Northern Ireland). Any account created from any other country will be deleted and their entry fee will be forfeit.
* Only entrants with the correct answer will be entered into the prize draw. Entrants will incorrect responses will not be entered but will still be charged.
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