FREE DRAW – Springbank 10

£3.33 Per Ticket

Winner is: Oliver Kendall

Ticket number: 133

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About This Competition

For our March madness giveaway we have the resilient Springbank 10 yr old. Some say its the best core range 10 yr old available – Period. Newcomers to the world of whisky may be forgiven for not being familiar with Springbank.  Nestled away in a remote corner of Scotland, this distillery is the pride & joy of Campbeltown.  So unique is its distillate that it even has its own regional classification for Scotch whisky. You wont see their bottles in the supermarket aisles and you will be lucky to catch a sighting even at your favorite liquor store.

Experienced whisky drinkers- well you surely need no introduction. ‘Been there- done that’ you say? Well, let me tell you, no two batches are the same.  Two Springbank 10s can taste vastly different. Its what makes anything coming out of this distillery so alluring, one never quite knows exactly what to expect.

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