Macallan Edition 6

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Winner is: Gary Mc

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About This Competition

As we start counting down the days to close the year, one quite naturally begins to reflect on the nicest drams they’ve encountered over the past few months. Of course, there have been some excellent new releases, but ocassionally someone slips you a wee sample of something older which just hits the right spot. Which brings us to the Macallan Edition 6 – a magnificent example of just how good Macallan can be.  Whilst I have previously opened (& polished off) a bottle of this, I (unexpectedly) recently a sample from a pal & it was even more superb than I remember it being. A quick dip into the auctions & I was the owner of 2 bottles – 1 to keep & 1 for a lucky punter reading this…..

The last of the “Edition” series, for Edition N°6, 5 separate sherry casks from several cooperages were used, in a ratio of 26% hogshead, and 74% butt. The specific break down is: first-fill American Oak Tevasa butts, first-fill European Oak JMM hogsheads, first-fill European Oak Tevasa butts & hogsheads, refill European Oak butts, and first-fill American Oak Vasyma butts. If that isn’t detailed enough for you, there is also a code on the packaging (C5.V393.T23.2020-006), with T23 representing the colour code of the whisky, identified on the package as ‘antique brass’. I’ve been told that starting from T60 (and up), you can’t see through the liquid anymore.

This is seriously good whisky. Don’t think twice about entering

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