Longrow Cage Bottle

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About This Competition

Look! An infamous Cage bottle from everyone’s favourite disillery! If you’ve never heard of a Cage bottle then read on. If you have, then you shouldn’t need a sales pitch (unless you happen to be that rare breed who just dis’nae get on with Springbank).

So, what is a cage bottle ?

The Cage is a simple wooden cupboard with chicken wire doors and a padlock – you can look but you can’t touch! The cage used to be housed at the Cadenheads shop in Campbeltown & it was subsequently moved to the visitor shop at the distillery. The Cage holds a selection of Springbank, Longrow and Hazelburn duty paid cask samples from the Springbank Warehouses, each a unique, probably never to be repeated, bottle. There’s no tasting notes, no box, nothing but a simple hand written label. Once you’ve spotted one you like, you can ‘sign it out’  and take it home to enjoy!

In other words, it is probably the only chance most of us mere mortals will have of trying a single cask from SB.

Up for grabs here is a 7 yr old Longrow  aged in a fresh sherry barrell. Whilst I have no idea what this might actually taste like, if the Longrow distillery shop handfills are anything to go by, this will be superbly delicious.
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