LEVEL’EIRE’ – Killowen Rum & Raisin Batch 1

£8.00 Per Ticket

Winner is: Jenny Donnelly

Ticket number: 14

2nd win in a row

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About This Competition

Another St Patrick’s Day special celebrating the best of Ireland. Here we have something from newcomers Killowen. What Messi is to football, Killowen is to Irish whiskey. The reviews from the Bonded Experimental Series (only available to funder subscribers) have been nothing short of spectacular.

Having only opened in 2016, Killowen is yet to release their inaugural whiskey. In the meantime have been carefully sourcing whiskeys from different distilleries all across Ireland. The Rum & Raisin series is the beginning of an evolving family of releases that will continue from sourced liquids into Killowens own distillate.

Batch 1 is rumoured to be a vatting of Bushmills casks finished in Dark Rum & PX Sherry casks. Aye, that may not sound exciting, but small batch single cask Bushmills are in a league of their own & not easily accessible. Plus several of my trusted malt mates have given this 2 thumbs up.

Not a drinker? Well, this is Batch 1 (they are currently on Batch 5), and we all know that Batch 1s of a long running series can do crazy things on the secondary market.

LEVELLER comp rules apply – Only 15 tickets available. Strictly 1 ticket per person so that everyone entering has an EQUAL chance of winning the prize.

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