Daftmill 2010 Summer Release

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About This Competition

Cult favorites Daftmill are back with their latest seasonal release. This is their Summer 2010, which is the last time they used the barley variety Optic in distillation. This batch is a combination of 25 first fill bourbon barrels, distilled in July 2010 and bottled in 2021.

If you are unfamiliar with Daftmill, it is a family owned farm to cask distillery in Fife, who use the barley grown on their working farm. Never before has a distillery this young garnered such a stellar reputation. Those fortunate enough to try any of their single casks will attest to the superior quality of their spirit. For the rest of us mere mortals, you can experience a glimpse of the Dafty magic by trying their seasonal releases.

This vatting of fresh bourbon casks gives wonderfully fruity aromas of tinned peaches in syrup, vanilla custard eclairs and sherbet lemons with a touch of hazelnut spread developing after a bit of time breathing in the glass. The palate is invigorating and vibrant bringing notes of sweet brioche, butter popcorn, lemon zest and an almost hop-like fruitiness before developing some fuller notes of dried apricot.  The gentle finish shows a touch more vanilla and some lingering spice.

This competition also has a consolation prize of a 100ml tasting sample.

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