Highland Park – Viking Legend Trilogy

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About This Competition

The Viking Legend Series pays homage to the Nordic heritage of Highland Park’s Orkney home, celebrating some of the most storied figures of the day. This fantastic set lets you take home all three entries in the range, namely Valkyrie, Valknut and Valfather.

If your not familiar with Highland Park, don’t be thrown off by all the Viking references. this is still very much a Scotch whisky.  Historically, this distillery has had nothing to do with the Vikings. In 1999, the Edrington group who also own a not so wee distillery starting with M, bought Highland Park. Thus began the massive re-brand and affiliation with the Nordic tribes & mythology.

I must admit that these bottles themselves do look extremely good. Yes, nobody quite knows the point of the now distinctive black glass bottles is, but they do offer a wonderful contrast to the neighbours on any shelf.

Valkyrie – Nordic angels choosing slain warriors for Valhalla

Valknut – Sacred symbol used by the Valkyries to mark those destined for Valhalla

Valfather – Odin, Father of the Slain

All three releases are non-age statements.  All three have used higher (but unspecified) percentages of the distillery’s own floor-malted barley than the usual proportions. That floor-malted barley is lightly peated to around 20 ppm, and uses Orkney peat from Hobbister Moor near the distillery, which is lighter, more floral and heathery than that of the other island malts. All three are perfectly pleasant entry-level drams, although the grey one is meant to be extra peaty.

This trio is also perfect for those looking to show off an entire series & would be an excellent accompaniment to the fantastic show Vikings. May the luck of Odin be with you. Skål

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