Hampden: 8 Marks Collection

£3.50 Per Ticket

Winner is: aaron-sg

Ticket number: 11

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About This Competition

OOooh Lordy lord ….if, like me, you are a rum fan, then you probably don’t need any convincing to get in on this. Yes, tis indeed the highly acclaimed Hampden 8 Marks Collection! Long sold out in the UK, I’ve been fortunate enough to ship over 2 sets over from France – 1 for me to savour during the Christmas break, the other for a very lucky winner.

Originally intended to be sold only at the distillery & at special events, this is a rare opportunity to sample & geek out on all 8 types of distillate produced by this legendary distillery. Presented in succeeding order of ester level, the collection allows the drinker to taste, understand, and appreciate the nuances and variations between the different marks. Curious about these “marks”? Then head on over here .

This really is an experience worth indulging in, so don’t miss out!

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