Ballechin 2005 – Edradourian Knights

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About This Competition

In Proelio aut Cylindrus! ⚔️🛡🥃

Behold !! A pillage of this most highborn of Highlander Graals by the Edradourian Knights – the modern order of Whisky-Knights in dram dedication to the Empress Edradour & the Baroness Ballechin, forever pledged to prophesy in their collective name, “IN BATTLE OR BARREL!”

⚔️ 16 yr old BALLECHIN (Peated Edradour) distilled 2005 ⚔️


⚔️ 1 of only 238 Graals ⚔️

⚔️ Pillaged from the house of Ser Angus MacRaild of Whisky Sponge and Decadent Drinks infamy   ⚔️

Here be some musings of this crusaders elixir:
• White Truffle Oil • Dark Rum Soaked Bananas • Old Oil Drum • Driftwood Beach Campfire • Sweet Alfalfa

• Freshly Ground Lemon Rind • Burnt Condensed Milk • Grilled & Salted Plantain Slices • White Pepper Beef BBQ • Steak Char

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