Glendronach 21 Parliament

£3.50 Per Ticket

Winner is: jockthefish

Ticket number: 39

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About This Competition

Hard to believe, but we have never had a Glendronach 21 competition before! Pretty crazy & some would say, rather unforgiveable.  This stuff is near on legendary & a long-standing favourite of many a sherry head.

Better late than never though & to be honest, this really is THE best time for a GD21 comp. Why? Because the 2022 release supposedly consists of 27 year old whisky! This anomaly is due to the temporary shutdown of the distillery between 1996-2001. I wont go into the details but you can read more about it here.

There are 15 FREE tickets up for grabs. 1 ticket per account.  Use code PARLIAMENT21 at checkout.

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