Lindores Abbey – March Distillery Exclusives

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About This Competition

Here at M&C Comps, we like to bring you plenty of distillery exclusives and handfills. Bottles which can’t be purchased online & fit for the most discerning of fans.  This month I made a quick stop over at Lindores Abbey to pick up their latest 2 single cask exclusives. Available only from the distillery shop.

🥃Cask 180074 Monbazillac Wine Barrique, which is outstanding for its age. One of  only 300 bottles.

🥃 Cask 180235 Thiron French Virgin Oak Hogshead, which is made from wood that was grown less than 1 mile from the town of Thiron where the original abbey monks came from. One of only 320 bottles.
It’s claimed that the first written reference to whisky being produced in Scotland relates to Lindores Abbey. The Exchequer Rolls of 1494 lists that, by order of King James IV, ‘eight bols malt’ be presented to Tironensian monk Friar John Cor to produce ‘aqua vitae’ – the water of life. It’s thought that Friar Cor resided at Lindores, and the Abbey has become known as the ‘spiritual home of Scotch whisky’.
This competition will have 2 winners – each taking home one of the above bottles.


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