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About This Competition

Ardmore is a prime example of a thoroughly underappreciated distillery producing consistently great whisky.  It’s claim to (very limited) fame has always been its contribution to the Teachers Blend but independent bottlers love its single malt offerings for its tremendous value.  Bottled by Cadenheads as one of 2 special releases to commemorate the recently concluded 2024 Campbeltown Malts Festival,  this 11 year old was aged for 4 years in Madeira casks resulting in a delicious sweet peat profile topped off with a fruity nose.

Having tried this at a tasting I can confidently say that this was a surprise standout, holding its own against some distinguished competition including a 21 year old Bowmore. General consensus was that this was much better than the other Cadenehads festival bottling (a 25 yr Ben Nevis !). Only 252 bottles exist and a Madeira aged Ardmore doesn’t come by often, so this is a no-brainer …..expecially if you can win it for FREE!

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