Four Roses -135th Anniversary

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About This Competition

For 2023, Four Roses Limited Edition celebrated the brand’s 135th Anniversary (having been established in 1888), though this is just the 16th iteration in the Limited Edition series. To mark this momentous occasion, they’ve opted to include the oldest bourbon ever blended into the annual expression, with 5% of the final product coming from a 25 year old OBSV* batch. The rest of the blend is comprised of a 16 year old OESV (20%), a 12 year old OESK (35%), and the base of the blend is a 14 year OESV (40%).

I did have the pleasure of trying the 2022 edition, which was sublime, and this next edition is supposed to be even better ! Here’s a top review for those of you who like a good read

Perhaps the winner can crack this open & send me a dram? Pretty please?

*Each barrel is marked with a 4 letter code; the 2nd and 4th letters indicate the mashbill and the yeast strain used respectively