Campbeltown Malts Fest

£5.99 Per Ticket


  1. Al Ford
    Ticket number: 43
  2. ian.harrisonjnr
    Ticket number: 1
  3. buggles88
    Ticket number: 70
  4. Eggplant
    Ticket number: 81

Congrats winners!

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About This Competition

The Campbeltown Malts Festival 2024 was a delightful affair & in this special competition you could win up to 4 prizes !

I wanted to get this done before I head off on my summer holiday so you’ve only got about a week to enter. So don’t delay.

Here’s the prize list:

1st place: Full 3x35cl set of Springbank Open Day 2024 bottles

2nd place: Kilkerran 14 yr Fresh Bourbon Cage Bottle

3rd place: Longrow 9 yr Fresh Sherry Cage Bottle

4th place: Springbank 10 yr Fiji Rum (35cl)