Benromach 1978

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It is getting increasingly difficult these days to find whisky from the 70’s. When you do, its often priced so exorbitantly that you lose all incentive to actually open & enjoy the bottle. Well, this is NOT one of those bottles! Not because it is dodgy in any way, but because Benromach distillery is still one of those undiscovered gems of Speyside that hasn’t quite made it onto the “investment” hit list.  Seasoned drinkers will however attest to its quality. Try one of their very affordably priced core range bottles & you will be pleasantly surprised.

Distilled on Jan 25th, 1978 and matured in casks no 244-45 for 18 long years. This is bottle #450 of 507.
Note: This is a full 70cl sized bottle (not the miniature photographed in the picture)