Ardbeg Heavy Vapours

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About This Competition

According to the marketing blurb on the official Ardbeg website: “Something weird has been going down at the distillery. The legendary purifier on the still – responsible for Ardbeg’s exalted balance – is nowhere to be seen. And this whisky is the consequence. The familiar harmony between peat and floral fruitiness has been disrupted. What have risen are the untamed darker flavours and notes, gathering and filling the senses. It is an ominous dram of dramatic, aromatic pungency. Heavy Vapours will rise.”

So, it’s all about the missing purifier with Ardbeg’s most recent committee release.  The purifier  is said to give Ardbeg the balance of fruit and smoke, so with this balance gone, there is more room for Ardbeg’s untamed darker flavours. This limited Committee Release is bottled at a cask strength of 50.2% (whereas the regular release will be bottled ay 46%