Winners Choice: Springbank Handfill

£4.00 Per Ticket


  1. Oliver Kendall
    Ticket number: 45
  2. laurence.walrus
    Ticket number: 27

Congratulations to both winners

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About This Competition

Given that the other bottles being drawn on Monday are distillery exclusives, it only made sense to add these to the mix.

The winner gets to choose from either the Springbank, Longrow or Kilkerran demi-john handfills which are sold only at the distillery shop. For the uninitiated, these handfills are basically a mystery vatting of various casks which are poured in large demi-johns. This basically means that no two bottles filled at different times are alike. These ones are from my visit way back in early 2022.


If this competition sells out we will draw a 2nd winner !!