DRAMTIME: Starward Vitalis

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About This Competition

We’ve never featured a bottle from the Southern Hemisphere before so why not kick off the 2023 season with something from down under !?

You’re forgiven if you haven’t heard of Starward distillery. They are relatively new on the scene & have only recently started exporting to this side of the planet. The trailblazers from Melboune are, however, hoovering up accolades, including ‘Most Awarded Distillery’ at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Starward revolutionized the art of whisky-making in Australia as the first brand to age their spirit exclusively in red wine barrels. If, like me, you’re sceptical of wine cask maturations, think again……

This special release is to celebrate Starward’s 15th Anniversary. To create Vitalis, Starward hand-selected parcels from six different types of barrels. Parcels from Tawny barrels, Rum barrels, Bourbon barrels and Apera barrels were all specifically chosen and carefully blended to create a multifaceted yet perfectly balanced, fruit forward spirit. The eldest of these barrels were filled in 2011 and the youngest in 2018, showcasing the depth of cask selection and maturation from Essendon Fields and Port Melbourne. Like its sister whiskies in the Starward portfolio, Vitalis enjoys the benefit of Melbourne’s highly-reactive climate, which essentially condenses aging into fewer years in a process known as elemental maturation.

DRAMTIME : Never tried Starward before? You’re in luck! Purchase a minimum of 3 tickets to receive a complimentary dram of the weird & wonderful Starward Ginger Beer Cask.

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