Plantation Vintages Barbados 2011

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About This Competition

What is it with Rum bottlers & their obsession with birds? I have no idea but it sure makes for some very pretty artwork! Thankfully its not just the artwork that makes this release desirable.  Plantation are a French independent bottler with a big focus on Continental aging.  Rum of various ages is transported from its home country to France for further cask finishing, in particular cognac cask finishing.

This is the first of 3 releases from Plantations 2020 vintages series – a 9 year old rum from sunny Barbados, aged for 4.5 yrs before being shipped over to France. Ideal for easy sipping or in a classic rum punch, this will do nicely on anyone’s shelf.

First 10 people to purchase a ticket get 1 free entry into the draw! So dont delay 🙂

We also have bonus 2nd place prize for those a wee bit unlucky

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