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About This Competition

Welcome to ‘Atypical August’. Throughout this month we will be featuring some of the most unusual and edgy whiskies released in the recent past. Most drinkers will be well familiar with usual combinations of bourbon & sherry and you’d be forgiven for thinking that, along with age, not much else changes during the production process. That’s only partly true. Look around a bit and you will find some refreshingly deviant examples of innovation, or at the very least, respectable attempts at standing out from the crowd.

Our atypical posterchild is none other than the Mackmyra Gront Te. Headed by master blender Angela d’Orazio, who is famed for creating craziness, this uniquely innovative release answers the question – “I wonder what would happen if I blended tea with whisky?”

Now of course, this is not some tea mixed with whisky. That would just be unacceptably weird. This is the product of actually infusing tea into casks. How? With Sherry of course! First the teas are steeped in neutral spirit to create four infusions. Then the leaves are filtered out & the resulting tinctures mixed with oloroso sherry. This mixture was used to season new casks for two months before they were emptied and refilled with 7-year-old Mackmyra – a vatting of first-fill Swedish oak, first-fill ex-bourbon and first-fill sherry-cask matured whisky* – for a 19 month finish.

Brilliant stuff. I’d want to taste this just to satisfy my curiosity regardless of the outcome. Thankfully, the resulting whisky is incredibly delicious. This is one you can nose the entire day with delight. But don’t just take just my word for it. Let a lovely Swedish Whisky Girl convince you instead:


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