LOYALTY DRAW – Bowmore 19 Chateau Lagrange

£2.99 Per Ticket

Please be patient. We are picking winners!
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About This Competition

The next Loyalty Bonus bottle is here. Its a Bowmore – and a very special one at that- fully matured for 19 years in ex Chateau Lagrange casks. This is the pre-cursor to the more recent 21 yr old release. But is older always better?  I dont have an answer for you, but suffice to say, some of my more esteemed & olfactory gifted acquaintances have rated the younger sibling in the 90’s. Having tried a few drams, I completely agree.

So how do you enter? There are 2 routes:
1) Automatic entry – Simply by having purchased a minimum of £5 in tickets from June 1st – Nov 14th.  Each multiple of £5 spent gets you 1 ticket. You can check how much you have spent by clicking the ‘Orders’ tab under ‘Your Account’. Charity competition purchases DO count as well 🙂

2) Top up entry – If you qualify via Route 1, then you may purchase extra entries to the draw to improve your odds. Any spend on top-up entries also counts towards your Automatic entry totals.

IMPORTANT –  If you do not qualify for automatic entry but you purchase top-up tickets, your entries will be VOID & non-refundable!

The winner for this stellar limited release bottle shall be announced during our Live Draw on Nov 14th.

Good luck!

* You must be aged over 18 to enter this competition. Under-age entrants will be removed from the competition and will not be reimbursed. Please note – this will include ID checks at delivery.
* All entrants must be U.K residents (excluding Northern Ireland). Any account created from any other country will be deleted and their entry fee will be forfeit.
* Only entrants with the correct answer will be entered into the prize draw. Entrants will incorrect responses will not be entered but will still be charged.
* You may enter this competition for free. Please follow the procedure outlined in our terms and conditions to avail of the free entry route.
* Successfully entering the competition does not guarantee a prize.