LEVELLER1:15 OP Ardbeg Halloween Edition

£10.00 Per Ticket

Winner is: aduncan1991

Ticket number: 12

Winner picked using random.org


About This Competition

Halloween is upon us, and we have a special bottle to mark the occasion.  Douglas Laing have released their annual Halloween edition – this time it’s a 14 yr old refill hoggie from Islay. Whilst they don’t explicitly mention the distillery, we have it on good authority that this is certainly an Ardbeg.

It’s a bit of a big deal for whisky nerds as the opportunity to own a single cask Ardbeg does not come around often. Only 389 bottles have been produced. Early reviews suggest this is an absolute firecracker of a dram.  We definitely don’t want the M&C crew to miss out!

Now for the fun bit…. we are trialling a new type of competition. Its called THE LEVELLER…..because everyone entering has an EQUAL chance of winning the prize. There’s only 15 tickets available and you can ONLY purchase 1 ticket.

Gone are the days when buying more tickets equals a higher probability of winning. Now, everyone has the same 1 in 15 chance of winning! No statistical  shenannigans here – Who wins is well & truly decided by Lady Luck!

As a special thank you for entering our inaugural Leveller – everyone who enters gets 2 free tickets to an upcoming Macallan competition.
Sound good? Get your lucky ticket now. Competition closes Oct 31st (unless it sells out before then).

* You must be aged over 18 to enter this competition. Under-age entrants will be removed from the competition and will not be reimbursed. Please note – this will include ID checks at delivery.
* All entrants must be U.K residents (excluding Northern Ireland). Any account created from any other country will be deleted and their entry fee will be forfeit.
* Only entrants with the correct answer will be entered into the prize draw. Entrants will incorrect responses will not be entered but will still be charged.
* You may enter this competition for free. Please follow the procedure outlined in our terms and conditions to avail of the free entry route.
* Successfully entering the competition does not guarantee a prize.