Lakes Whiskymaker’s Edition – Colheita

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About This Competition

Our final Atypical August’s competition features the debut release of the Whiskymaker’s Edition series from the Lakes Distillery.  As one of the new breed of English distilleries looking to disrupt Scotch’s dominance, these early releases from the Lakes tend to be very wood-forward.

Colheita, meaning harvest in Portuguese, is a style of Tawny Port which differs from the norm in being marked by vintage rather than by age. Legally they have to have spent at least seven years in oak; in practice, they tend to spend far longer than that. You wont find a lot of Ex-Colheita cask matured whisky around, so if you’re a fan of port finishes, then this bottle should be a good addition to your tasting panel. Expect cherries, golden syrup, almond, and a fair bit of spice.

For the investors out there, this release is the definition of a low risk, medium term hold. The first of any series tends to do well, and the 2nd & 3rd in the Whiskymaker’s Editions range have a been runaway hits. Whilst the Colheita outturn was a lot larger (5400 bottles), a large chunk of these will have been consumed or opened. Each subsequent release is likely to attract more fans who will be on the hunt for the series opener.

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