Hakushu 12

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About This Competition

Back again – Presenting the Hakushu 12. This is one of my personal favourites and in my opinion, on the basis of taste, easily surpasses some releases from its more famous cousins – Yamazaki & Hibiki. The Hakushu is often described as a ‘taste of Islay in Japan’, but I think such parallels are unnecessary as it has its own unique flavour profile. Subtle smoke in a woodland pine forest is how I would put it.

To add to the allure, the future status of the Hakushu 12 is shrouded in mystery. A few years ago, the owners- Suntory corporation – announced a cull of its younger age whiskies. The immense popularity of Japanese whisky had meant there was simply not enough aged stock available to sustain production of older age stated releases. We know that this led to the demise of Hakushu 10, but it is unclear whether the 12 was also a victim. Hence this bottle is always in the grey zone i.e. Not quite hard to find but not widely available either. The only thing we do know for certain, is that the price of a bottle keeps on increasing every time I find one.

This is a golden opportunity to win a true classic. So don’t think twice about entering this competition!

There are 10 early bird bonus tickets up for grabs. Simply add a minimum of 2 Hakushu tickets to your cart & use code SAKURA22 at checkout.

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