Glengoyne Teapot Dram 9

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About This Competition

As the Highland distiller’s most popular limited-edition range, the Teapot Dram tells the story of an old distillery tradition where workers would be given three fingers of whisky, three times a day. Most distilleries would give workers new-make spirits, hot off the stills. But Glengoyne would always ensure the team were given tumblers filled with whisky from first-fill sherry casks.

Honouring this tradition, the Teapot Dram has remained a deliberately bold, sherry matured limited release ever since its launch. Batch No. 9 is matured exclusively in first fill European and American oak sherry casks and bottled at 58.9% ABV.

Limited to only 3,600 bottles, this highly sought after dram  provides warming, decadent apple strudel with almond flakes, chocolate coated raisins, and hints of creme caramel on the nose.  To taste, rich and velvety, sticky toffee pudding with dates and spices from cinnamon and cloves, hints of dark berries and dried fruits from the sherry cask. To finish, the latest Teapot Dram has a rich mouthfeel with more rich sherry notes and refreshing tropical fruits.

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