Glengoyne 15

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About This Competition

Another month, another theme. This time its Old (ish) October; featuring both discontinued classics & the most mature whiskies we have featured to date. What’s not to like eh?

We kick off the month with the belter that was Glengoyne 15. Discontinued in 2018 to build up reserves for their more prestigious 18 year expression, the 15 was a firm favourite of many a critic.

Glengoyne is well known for its sherry-forward style, however its younger expressions ably demonstrate that its spirit is equally at home in ex-bourbon wood. The 15 year old was somewhat at the intersection of this in terms of the Glengoyne range – it’s certainly a sherried malt, however the ex-bourbon influence is still perceivable. The end result was a good value, balanced whisky that was a solid daily drinker.

The Glengoyne distillery quite literally straddles the line between the Highlands and the Lowlands–the distillery itself lies just north of the line, and its warehouses lie just south of the line in the Lowlands. Notwithstanding, it has always been classified as a Highlander. If you ever find yourself visiting Glasgow, I highly recommend making the half hour trip out the city for a distillery visit. You will be greeted with wonderful views of the surrounding hills & friendly whisky gals.

Whether you’re a drinker or a collector, this is one bottle you DEFINITELY want on your shelf.

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