FREE ENTRY: Lakes Infinity

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Winner is: Al Ford

Ticket number: 69

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About This Competition

Award winning English distillery, the Lakes, continues to expand its Whiskymaker’s Edition Series.

The Infinity, released in 2022, is matured in a combination of Oloroso, Palo Cortado, Fino and Manzanilla sherry casks! A delighful dram

How can you win this for totally FREE? Make sure you’re signed up to our email list. You will be emailed a code to redeem 1 free ticket. First come first served until total ticket allocation sells out. If you want to boost your odds – additional tickets can be purchased as normal. Simultaneously confusing and delightful, the deft handling of established fundamentals to create infinite flavour combinations makes it difficult to define Infinity’s myriad flavours – where they come from and where they lead.

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