Arran Harmony Edition Vol. 4

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About This Competition

Our next headliner for Atypical August is the much anticipated Arran Harmony Edition. This special annual bottling is prepared to celebrate the annual Arran Festival of Malt & Music. The 2021 edition is Volume 4 in the ongoing series. With only 1000 bottles being produced, it is a must-have for Arran fans & collectors. Alas, not many can get their hands on a bottle but we’ve sorted that problem out for our M&C members.

So, the big question – What makes this ‘Atypical’? In this instance, it is the unusual combination of casks used to produce the blend. Specifically Ex-Sherry Hogshead, Ex-Red Wine French Oak and Ex-Port Pipe. A trio we don’t come across too often. The finished product will undoubtedly be intriguing & complex. It will certainly interest those of you with a palate for wine cask finishes. To make things even more quirky, it comes in a unique guitar case box. A perfect way to transport your dram at a music festival !!

This competition will also have 3 bonus winners from our Lucky Hat Draw. You could win anything from free tickets to tasting sets and even a cheeky bottle! And just in case you’re thinking a bottle is unlikely, check out what this lucky chappie won from the hat last time around !

First 10 entrants get 1 free bonus ticket. You will be emailed a code to redeem your free ticket if you are one of the early buyers.

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