Singleton of Glen Ord: Distillery Handfill

£3.25 Per Ticket

Winner is: Gary Mc

Ticket number: 52

Cant stop winning

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About This Competition

This is a distillery exclusive single cask,  hand-filled especially for you by myself on my short weekend escape to the Highlands. It is a 11 year old whisky aged in a ‘rejuvenated’ American oak hogshead. Bottled at cask strength of 55.1%.

Full disclosure: I had absolutely no intention of purchasing this until the friendly barman called me over to sample a dram. I’m so glad he did , because it was F-in delicious. Definitely one for the purist – this is simple & uncomplicated ex-bourbon cask whisky. Creamy mouthfeel, peaches and vanilla, stone fruits on the palate, medium finish. Presented in a trademark Singleton bottle shape with its characteristic teal accents adds a wonderful touch of elegance.