Mortlach 18

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About This Competition

Its back! Presenting the Mortlach 18. We ran this competition almost exactly a year ago & was a couple of tickets short of selling out.

The Mortlach Distillery was established in 1823 and carries the distinction of being the first legal distillery in Dufftown. This 18 yr old expression was brought to market in 2014, as part of the rejigged “Rare Old” series. For most fans who craved  Mortlach as a standalone release prior to this, it could only be found as an independent bottling or  official Flora and Fauna 16 Year Old release from Diageo. However this all changed with the release of this bottle and two others as part of Mortlach’s Rare Old Series.

Mortlach’s famous flavor profile is due to its unique “2.81 distillation” process, which involves a calibrated distillation of spirit using all three of Mortlach stills. Each of these stills has a different design, and it is that process that seems to impart its fabled strength. Sadly, this series also seems to have set a precedent for horribly over-priced releases from this distillery. A trend which has continued and illustrated perfectly with this example.  Unfortunately, this puts them out of reach for most consumers. Thankfully you need not worry about that with this competition. Consider this a rare chance at winning a Mortlach for the price of a fancy Starbucks coffee.

There are 15 early bird bonus tickets up for grabs. Simply add a minimum of 2 Mortlach tickets to your cart & use code MORTY18 at checkout.

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