Malt or Grain?

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Congrats! Enjoy your Cambus

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About This Competition

Thought I’d try something a lil bit different for this competition. Here we have two well aged whiskies from two of the best independent bottlers around – except one is malt whisky , while the other is made from grain. Which one would you choose?

Representing the malts isĀ  a 25 year old Bunnahabhain from 1989 bottled by Berry Bros to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the posh Boisdale restaurant in London. Only 200 bottles exist, out of which a chunk of them got lost in storage for nearly 10 years (true story this!). Only to be discovered a few weeks back at which point they were made available for sale to the general public. Safe to say, that we don’t know anything about the actual contents BUT …..ITS A 25 YR OLD BUNNA…who cares?

Representing grain is a 29 year old Cambus from 1988 bottled by Cadenheads. Sadly, there’s no interesting origins story with this one. All we know is its a single cask yielding 294 bottles. However, this is a silent distillery which closed permanently in 1993, and probably every malt lovers favourite grain distillery. Indeed, I do recall having some terrific Cambus drams in recent history.

So which one is the winner going to go for?