Lagavulin: Offerman Caribbean Cask

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Winner is: laurence.walrus

Ticket number: 49


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Paul Lyon
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ian campbell
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Paul Lyon
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Paul Lyon
#79 - £10 Credit


simon avann
#94 - £5 Credit

About This Competition

Released just this week – its the latest from Lagavulin. Nick Offerman’s limited editions are interpretations of his many passions. He works closely with Lagavulin from distillation to maturation and the packaging details — resulting in a first-class authentic whisky at cask strength that delights novices and connoisseurs worldwide. The 4th edition matured for 11 years and was then aged for 8 months in ex-Caribbean rum casks. The result is a rare combination of classic Islay Single Malt and the exotic sweetness of Caribbean rum. With subtle notes of lemon meringue, honey, vanilla, toffee, golden cinnamon and brine, this whisky brings together a delightfully unusual blend of smoky and sweet.

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