Islay ‘ave a Laga or a Beg

£8.99 Per Ticket

Please be patient. We are picking winners!

About This Competition

Islay special competition! We know you like competitions with more than 1 winner. We also know you like small draws with crazy good odds. Well then, this competition includes both your preferences! We have a bottle each of Lagavulin & Ardbeg’s newest grog, released just this week and predictably sold out.

Two winners – Only 30 Tickets.

Even better, there’s an extra level of suspense – the 1st place winner gets to choose their bottle. The runner-up gets the other bottle.

So, which of these crackers would you choose?

Lagavulin 11 yo – Limited edition 2nd release in collaboration with the hilarious Nick Offerman. Finished in ex-Guinness beer casks! A glorious adventure in ‘sweet peat’ through the combination of the intense peat and charred wood notes of Lagavulin with the roasted coffee, dark chocolate and sweet caramel notes from the Guinness casks.

Ardbeg 8 yo ‘For Discussion’ – the first age stated committee release in some time!  With notes of bold peat smoke, creosote, charcoal and salted caramel, this aged, ex-sherry expression is more than guaranteed to provoke discussion among those privileged enough to taste it.

If this competition sells out before the closing date (& I really hope it does as this is a cracking deal) we draw the winner at the closest scheduled broadcast.

* You must be aged over 18 to enter this competition. Under-age entrants will be removed from the competition and will not be reimbursed. Please note – this will include ID checks at delivery.
* All entrants must be U.K residents (excluding Northern Ireland). Any account created from any other country will be deleted and their entry fee will be forfeit.
* Only entrants with the correct answer will be entered into the prize draw. Entrants will incorrect responses will not be entered but will still be charged.
* You may enter this competition for free. Please follow the procedure outlined in our terms and conditions to avail of the free entry route.
* Successfully entering the competition does not guarantee a prize.