Hibiki Harmony – 100th Anniversary

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Released to celebrate their 100th anniversary, this limited edition bottling of Hibiki Japanese Harmony celebrates Suntory’s philosophy of living in harmony with people and nature. For the centennial milestone, ​the special design features a bridge with the traditional Japanese ​art of Setsugekka – snow, moon and flowers to signify ​the passing of seasons. The bridge is a connection to ​each of the four seasons linking past and future, ​in the hope that tradition and history won’t be forgotten.

The liquid inside is the classic Hibiki Japanese Harmony blend that we know and love, with aromas of rose, lychee, sandalwood and hints of rosemary. In the mouth, Hibiki sings with honey-like sweetness, candied orange peel and white chocolate, before a subtle finish full of Mizunara oak.

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