Glenlivet Spectra

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About This Competition

The Glenlivet distillery, over the last several years, has been running an ongoing series that’s released with no tasting notes or cask information, but instead provides clues to help drinkers try and figure out what exactly it is they are consuming.  Distinctive in their mysterious matte black bottles, previous editions include the Alpha, Cipher, Code and Enigma (US exclusive). The latest in the series is The Spectra – a collection of three 20cl bottles.

Presented in a beautifully engineered trapezium-shaped box, the Glenlivet Spectra invites consumers to explore a wide spectrum of flavours. Each of the three expressions is a reinterpretation of The Glenlivet’s signature smooth and fruity house style and is released without tasting notes, age or cask information, challenging the senses of Scotch lovers.

Through the gamified experience, which starts by scanning a QR code, drinkers will be given cryptic hints and challenged to put their tasting abilities to the test as they seek to determine what flavour profiles make each bottle unique. At the end of each tasting, users are given a personalised scorecard showing how close they are to decoding each of the three mysterious single malts. No doubt, this will make for a fun evening.

In keeping with the theme, this competition will also have a ‘mystery’ 2nd place prize. Keep an eye out on for clues on our facebook/insta pages.

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