Four Roses Small Batch 2022

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Winner is: Al Ford

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About This Competition

Four Roses is unique in combining two mashbills with five proprietary yeast strains to create 10 distinct Bourbon recipes. Each recipe brings something different to the batch – and carefully mingling them allows for the development of an endless range of flavor profiles to please any Bourbon lover.

The mash produced is then fermented by one of their 5 house yeast strains, referred to as V, K, O, Q and F, each of which imparts a different flavour characteristics. Each barrel is marked with a 4 letter code, the 2nd and 4th letters indicating the mashbill and the yeast strain used respectively. E.g. OBSV refers to a whiskey made from Mashbill B fermented by Yeast V.

This whiskey is a blend of:

20 Year Old OBSV (Delicate Fruit and Rye)

14 Year Old OESF (Herbs and Mint)

14 Year Old OESV (Delicate Fruit and Caramel)

15 Year Old OESK (Baking Spice).

Only 4890 bottles were produced and each of the bottles are numbered individually.

There are 15 early bird bonus tickets up for grabs. Simply add a minimum of 2 Four Roses tickets to your cart & use code 4ROSES22 at checkout.


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