Dewar’s 175 Blend

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We’ve never featured a blend on the site before so our very first blended malt competition needed to be something special. Presenting, a limited edition bottling of Dewar’s Blended Scotch Whisky, created to celebrate the 175th anniversary of John Dewar opening his shop at 111 High Street in Perth. Only 175 cases have been bottled, available exclusively through the Dewar’s Aberfeldy Distillery shop.

To mark the exact date John Dewar opened his store – 15 May 1846 – the ‘175 Blend’ has been crafted using carefully selected whiskies, all of which were filled into cask on 15 May. Once matured, the malt whiskies and grain whiskies were then blended together and put back into oak casks for maturation – a process known as ‘double aging’, the signature of every Dewar’s blend, giving extra smoothness to our whiskies.

The reputation of blended whisky has rather unfairly been tarnished in recent years. But make no mistake, great blends are exceptionally difficult to conjure up and when done right can surpass single malts in satisfaction. The Dewar’s Double-Double range is an excellent case in point, and you should definitely try some if you ever come across a bottle/sample. We have no doubt this special release will be exceptional.

Official Tasting notes: Unmistakably Dewar’s – abundant with ripe red apples and soft peach notes, a hint of white flowers and freshly mown grass.  Heather honey and a whisper of smoke gives a beautiful, long finish to this Limited Edition Blend.     

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